Pricing & Packaging Methodology

Often overlooked or neglected, Pricing & Packaging is essential to the successful execution a business plan.  It represents the value customers receive and it's the mechanism by which to capture the company's fair share of that value.

Price Setting

Pricing Strategy

Synthesize company objectives with value proposition, customer dynamics, and competitive landscape to determine how to compete. 

Price Setting

With pricing strategy established, determine price levels by geography, segment, package, bundle.  Additionally, create discount guidance for the sales teams. Have process to keep price and guidance fresh.

Go To Market Integration

Ensure tight alignment between pricing/packaging and the activities of sales, marketing and customer success​.

Price Analytics

Understand the impact and efficacy of pricing and packaging decisions as well as adherence to stated strategy and policies.

Pricing Metrics

Determine the metrics by which to execute price:  per unit, per user, per org, usage-based, % of contract value, etc... or a combination thereof.


Operationalize pricing strategy by engaging all internal stakeholders to ensure viability, executability, and supportability.   

Packaging & Bundling

Create discrete, compelling, logical offerings that align to the customer journey and the key customer segments.  Ensure pricing is simple, predictable and comprehensive.